2021 Employment Trends To Watch Out For!

The world economy, as well as the market, have seen up and downtrend since the beginning. Since the coronavirus pandemic in the year 2020, not only the employees but even business owners have been on the back foot for almost a year now. But as the world comes back to normal, we can see the emergence of newer hiring and recruiting trends for the year 2021:

  • Remote working

During the pandemic, remote work became the new normal. This ‘work from home’ trend apparently is here to stay, perhaps permanently. A recent survey has found that two-thirds of remote workers want to continue working from home and only half would prefer work from home as their main mode of employment and since it is the top talent that will be looking for more flexibility, it becomes imperative for the recruiters to factor this while communicating expectations. 

  • Virtual interviews

Though necessity gave birth to virtual interviews globally, it seems employees, as well as recruiters, have already adapted to this process. Since virtual interviews can not only save time and money for both sides, conducting online interviews is becoming a trend and is expected to stay permanently in the coming years.

  • Psychometric tests

Psychometric tests shall be gaining more popularity than ever as virtual interviews become the main source of recruitment. So, since the new hire will be less likely to meet the recruiter, the use of psychometric tests in order to assess the candidate’s abilities from afar is becoming quite the trend in 2021. With this, not only have virtual interviews been effective, but time-saving as well.

  • Wider criteria for hiring

Assessing skills via psychometric tests has already become a part of the hiring process. But apart from this, the candidates now have to focus on their soft skills as well. Although skills like responsiveness, media literacy, and communication have been important, in the post-pandemic scenario, they have become an assumed skill that every potential employee must possess. 

  • Social media hiring

Almost eighty-five percent of recruiters have been hiring through social media platforms successfully. In an extremely volatile and competitive market, even companies have to adjust to the persistent trends to hire talent.  Thus, the HR strategies are more flexible than ever today. 

Although the times have changed, the fundamental goal of the recruitment process is still to hire the best talent. And, Solutions de recrutement Hunt has been successfully doing the same. 


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