3 Quick but Important Tips on Choosing the Right Chatbot

Due to the continued improvement in AI-powered automation, increasing numbers of businesses are turning to customer service chatbots to provide a cost-effective solution to answer customer queries and concerns.

The problem is, the many benefits that they bring does nothing other than make chatbot software extremely popular – thus leading to vast numbers of new chatbot providers hitting the market every year.

As you can understand, all this does is make it extremely confusing for any business that is looking for a new chatbot. Where do you start? What should you look for? With so many to choose from it can be difficult to filter the good from the bad and the ideal from the not quite as ideal.

Hopefully, using these three tips will form a solid base to begin your search. Of course, there will be other considerations to make but these are among the most important and a good place to start.

Understand the Problems You Are Trying to Solve

No business is the same in terms of their goals, their target audience, and obviously the products and services that they are selling. The chatbot that you choose must be a perfect fit and completely relevant to the needs of your business.

You may want a chatbot to aid customer self-service, help generate leads, automate processes, or simply provide answers to questions. Understanding what you need and want your customers expect will allow you to be better informed when it comes to choosing the right chatbot provider.

Choose a Chatbot that Can Support Multiple Channels

Unless you are only planning on providing support on your website, you should be using a chatbot that can be optimised for use on other platforms such as social media and mobile apps. If not, you are going to have to find additional chatbots from different developers making the whole process a lot messier than it should be.

If you can find a chatbot that is optimised for each of the platforms you use, you will not have to learn how to use multiple products and maintain a holistic brand experience for your target audience.

Go With a Reputable Provider That Has Strong Reviews

As mentioned previously, chatbots as a whole are great for business as they are cost-effective, work around the clock if needs be, and do not need toilet breaks. Trouble is, not all chatbots are as good as each other. You want a provider that has plenty of experience, has served their product to tons of other businesses and has attracted strong online reviews.


Due to technology that we have today, consumers are used to getting what they want quickly, conveniently, and without hassle – good quality customer service is one thing that they want. They do want to have to mess about getting answers to their questions and queries, so if you are going down the chatbot route over human customer service, you better make sure you pick the right software.

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