5 Situations Where Maid Insurance can Benefit You

Maid insurance is one of the most important things you must have at hand if you want a foreign domestic help at home. Not only is it necessary for the well-being of your helper at home but also extremely important for you to know where you are investing your money. We can assure you that the money you spend on this purpose will be money well spent! Are you thinking of getting a maid from somewhere else? Then you must know about the maid insurance Singapore that will make everything simpler for you and the help coming home! Let us show you why it is important and beneficial for you!

Did you know that today there are quite a few impressive critical illness plans in Singapore that will benefit you in the short as well as a long run? When you are getting help from outside the country to work in your house, but before you hire them, you must ensure that you have the appropriate maid insurance for them. Everything starting from their hospital charges, medical expenses, whether or not it is related to the work they do in your house, all of it is your responsibility. The helper becomes your responsibility from the moment they step out of the country into yours. So searching for the correct maid insurance is extremely crucial.

Know When Insurance Can Benefit You

Getting the right insurance for your domestic help is vital for their safekeeping. But another thing that will attract you to purchase an impressive deal on maid insurance is the benefits you can reap from it. The benefits from this insurance are not going to be limited to the helper himself but also you. Do you want to know how? Let us take a look-

  1. Accidents: the most important time when insurance comes to use is when an accident happens. Whether or not the accident is serious, it causes harm and injury to the maid, and it is your job to provide them with everything they need at this point. Almost every standard maid insurance plan will provide coverage for accidental death, permanent disability, injuries, and other kinds of medical expenses due to personal accidents. When in your care and your home, the foreign domestic worker is your responsibility, and it is up to you to provide them with the best hospital treatment. This can be made possible by the top quality insurance plan only!
  1. Surgery and other requirements: hospitals can sometimes charge you so much that they exceed your limits. More times than not, there are instances when medical bills can cost up to 5400 Singapore dollars per day for private hospitals and 1150 Singapore dollars per day for public hospitals. If the maid’s stay at the hospital is long, the expected bill comes way above your level. This is where the insurance comes in handy. You can purchase the best standard insurance plan for your FDW for maximum care and service. With insurance to support you, you can get daily benefits like levy reimbursement, wages, etc., which will help you even hire alternative support during your maid’s stay at the hospital. Make easy claims and receive reimbursements directly, whether to the employer, the maid, or anybody of interest.
  1. During termination and rehiring: when the termination period comes close, the best insurance agency will provide the helper with a reimbursement to the employer to help them rehire someone instead. You can become free of the hassles of paying another amount for security purposes to the agency and instead hire someone else and simply purchase an insurance plan for him or her. You can save up a lot of money that would otherwise be wasted on Security Bonds to the agency. Hence, this is another benefit for you- saving more money.
  1. In the case of Abuse: there is an exponential increase in the number of foreign domestic workers in Singapore in the past couple of years. An increase in this number has also led to a gradual increase in violence and other problems of theft. Poor living conditions, financial difficulties, and lack of proper training from the agency may lead the worker or helper to use other means of making ends meet. There are also times when maids are abused by the employers as well. During these abuse cases, the insurance agencies also ensure a good relationship and bond between the employer and the maid to create a harmonious living space for both. Maid insurance always provides coverage for liabilities, including but not limited to injuries, damage, theft, etc. Claims may also be made if the maid creates trouble in the house from the agency.
  1. When they leave: when the maid’s term in the contract is completed, you would want them to leave and reach back home safely and securely. This may also include the times when you must send them back after an unfortunate situation. In such times, since the employer has to bear the full expenditure of sending the maid back home, insurance agencies will help in covering these expenses in the events of disablements, sickness, or injury. There may be a certain limited amount of money you have to pay depending upon your insurance plan choice from the right agency in your pocket.

Be A Smart Employer And An Even Smarter Buyer!

You must always keep in mind that you must be smart as an employer and a buyer and keep your eyes open for any good opportunity. Buying maid insurance is mandatory, but it is up to you to make the right decision. Consult the top experts from those sitting at the agency and know which insurance plan will be more suitable for your budget and the maid who is coming. Allow your maid to live safely in your house and provide them with good support from the agency and your part.

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