ADAX is ready to change the DEX perception

ADAX was founded to implement innovative features and to enforce positive change in the Blockchain platform. It is a state-of-the-art decentralized exchange protocol where crypto investors can trade using the liquidity solutions from order books deepen by liquidity pool. Financial wizards have recognized the platform from its very inception, evidence by the enormous support and acceptance by the Cardano community. Cardano is a Blockchain platform operating on proof of stake (PoS) coupled with revolutionary technology ensuring unparallel security and sustainability to a decentralized system, applications, and users. The appreciation showed by the Cardano Foundation is an achievement is a feather in the hat for the ADAX platform.

Groundbreaking technology and innovative ideas

The ADAX platform was designed predestined on Cardano`s Blockchain objectives of decentralized exchange protocol to facilitate peer-to-peer trading without intermediaries based on automated smart contracts. It was a much-awaited platform for crypto creators, initiators, and innovators. Due to ground-breaking technology and innovative ideas, ADAX has opened a new horizon in the crypto market. The initial private sale was oversubscribed immediately, and the community has engorged up to fifteen thousand members. It has already established itself as a powerful trading platform with excellent technical properties and strategic resources.

ADAX is a fully automated liquidity protocol eliminating all intermediaries, intricate and awkward procedures, ensuring seamless trading. As the platform use the Cardano ecosystem, it offers the same favorable attributes. As the forum is free from intricate systems, you can trade freely on the Cardano network. In this trading platform, you can convert Bitcoin to ADA using ADA Converter; Bitcoin Cardano can be converted in many crypto exchanges, but choose the exchange that offers the best exchange rate.

Minimal swap fee

There are multiple generations of decentralized crypto exchange and DeFi products characterized by security issues, but ADAX is changing the narrative.

As ADAX fosters class partnership with companies such as BlackDragon and Netvrk, providing superior technology and strategic resources ensures fast and secure transactions. Unfortunately, swap fees hinder decentralized exchange pushing most investors to trade in centralized exchanges just to not burden by such fees. But ADAX is ready to change this perception, as the swap fees are minimal encouraging traders to use this platform.

Optimal risk-reward ratio

All DEX exchanges succeed on liquidity provision by users; ADAX is no exception. As a result, you can pledge your digital assets in liquidity to earn high rewards providing market depth to low volume assets. Unfortunately, this risk-reward ratio is not favorable in low volume markets, but ADAX works on a different model that resolves this issue. To attract more liquidity providers to ensure sufficient market depth to tradable assets, the generated swap fee is equally distributed to market makers and liquidity providers.

User-friendly interface, superior technology

Though ADAX is staged on the Cardano network, its indigenous token (ADAX) is based on the ERC20 token. ERC20 (Ethereum Request for comment 20) is one of the most standard and significant Ethereum tokens. ERC20 may be unconventional for DEX setup, but no investors and market players can ignore the near-perfect nature of ERC20. Though there are numerous decentralized exchanges, ADAX is not another number; the user-friendly interface superior technology will continue to attract more crypto traders and investors.

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