All About Dust Prevention: Keep Dust Away From Construction Sites  

In construction sites, dust control is one of the important things to prioritize because of how common air and water pollution from dust is. Dust occurs naturally and is usually generated from the work processes, which is detrimental to workers’ health while contributing to air pollution.

Read on to find out what you can do on how to get rid of dust in the air and enforce dust control in construction sites.

  1. Prepare the site

The way a business prepares the construction site will depend on the project type. One common way to control dust is by placing plastic sheets on the ceilings and floors of a workplace. That way, dust from construction processes will be contained and will be easy to remove and clean.

You can also opt for sticky plastic sheets, which provide great protection and can be used on carpets or hard surfaces. There are also accessory kits available that help control dust with zipper closures, or painters’ tape and drop cloths. These keep dust contained in just one area.

  1. Work in open areas

As much as possible, handle all materials outside and in open areas. This will prevent workers from inhaling dust as it will be done in a less concentrated area. When cutting materials in enclosed spaces, you’ll be more likely to inhale those dangerous dust and dirt particles that cause health issues.

  1. Use low-dust joint compounds

These compounds help reduce airborne dust. Rather than letting dust float in the air, the low-dust joint compounds would fall on the construction site’s floor, making it easier for cleaning up.

  1. Try water and chloride

Water is a common method used to control dust in construction sites. They are also an affordable method if you are on a budget. Depending on the site’s size and how much is done throughout the day, apply water at least thrice a day for dust control.

You can also use chloride, a unique method to reduce dust problems. This chemical owns special properties to retain moisture for longer periods, lessening the amount of dust

  1. Use sweep equipment

Sweep equipment is usually used on roads and highways. The equipment clears out dust and debris but needs to be used carefully to prevent more airborne dust. There are many dust control equipment you can find from companies like, made especially for commercial areas.

  1. Clean up regularly

Cleaning up afterward is just as important as prepping a construction site. It’s best to invest in cleaning equipment, such as a shop vacuum that offers a double filter system. This will keep dust away from your lungs and in the equipment instead.

Besides this, regular cleanups will mean your site will be easier to prepare the next day.

Wrapping It Up

To ensure clean area workers can perform their duties well, you need to implement dust control measures. Follow these tips and make sure you invest in the right equipment and efforts for a safer construction site.


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