All-American Fragrance Is Hitting It Big 

Since French explorers brought the first colognes and scented waters to North America in the early years of European settlement, the desire for fragrances has seen the market grow into a multi-billion dollar industry. Moreover, a prediction on the future size of the market based on recent levels suggests that the flavor and fragrance market in North America is set to exceed the 9 billion U.S. dollar mark in 2021/2022. 

While scents come from around the world, one American-based company has seen great success recently by keeping its products all made in America. Triangle Fragrance, a luxury collection created by Magda Khalifa, a 1st-generation American and US Army special operations combat veteran, has been proving to everyone that American fragrance collections can take a share of the market too!

We spoke exclusively to Magda about her gaining momentum in the marketplace.

  1.     Why have you been able to be so successful in the marketplace / industry you are currently in?

I believe it is a combination of several factors:  high-quality modern luxury meets compelling back story; extra value-add in each box that ties to the self-help component; and active speaking and promotion of the self-help piece. This gives people continuous value and develops a lifelong relationship.  People like to connect with people, because it goes beyond the superficial or surface marketing. They love a comeback story because it gives them hope. You never forget what it was that helped advance your thinking or inspired you to discover your better self.  

  1. What trends in your space – fragrances – do you see happening in the near future?

As societies increase understanding of how things work people ask better questions and demand better products.  People want to know about ingredients and how and where things are made and expect that kind of transparency in the brands they buy and use so they can make informed decisions.  We are starting to see this trend in the fragrance industry and throughout the beauty industry overall. 

  1. What has been your biggest hurdle since starting your company? 

The biggest hurdle has been the inevitable disruption of relocating from one state to another because of the time and energy it consumed while still in start-up mode. Psychologically it was unsettling to slow down productivity while there was momentum. This is a great example of why key-person reliance is important to grow past in business.

  1. What advice would you give others in the business world right now?

Look at the lessons learned from businesses that weathered 2020 and study what they did right to survive or thrive during something unprecedented. Stress-test and “war game” scenarios in your business so you can build the right reserves and have the adaptability to pivot effectively the next time difficult times arise.

  1. How important is a good “team”?

A good team serves as a force multiplier to allow a business to grow and scale. As one of my business mentors says, “You will never build something big without people. You need people.”   

  1. Besides your own industry, what other industries would you invest into if you could / already do?

I invest in multi-family real estate – hard assets – and will continue to do so. 

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