Best Fixed Indexed Annuity Rates of 2021

Fixed index annuities hold great importance in one’s financial life. Every insurance holder must be aware of this because it is a beneficial thing for the investor. Fixed index annuities are the contracts between an insurance company and the annuitant.

The insurance company offers to the investor that they would credit interest that is based upon the performance of the specific stock market index. The fixed index annuities have a feature of capital protection and this is in place so that the principal amount remains safe even if the index of the stock goes down.

An investor would always look out for the best-fixed index annuity; however, they are not readily available over the internet. For various options you may click here:

Why should you buy an Annuity?

Depending on your lifestyle needs, there are several reasons to buy annuities. Some of them are as follows.

  • Multiple guarantees – When you buy fixed annuities, you get can multiple guarantees that include the interest rate and principal guarantee. You can even get an income guarantee for a certain period or as long as you want.
  • Legacy – The death benefit riders would allow you to pass on your annuity to several beneficiaries at the time of your death. This would depend on the annuity contract. If you include a beneficiary in your annuity contract, you can protect your heirs.
  • Lifetime income – The option of lifetime payouts would provide variable and fixed payments. Many annuities provide guaranteed income after retirement for the rest of his / her life.

Best fixed indexed annuity rates

Some of the best-fixed indexed annuity rates are provided by the following companies. You can go for any of them for your benefit.

Allianz – Allianz is one of the best-fixed indexed annuity options, which additionally offers two income bonuses. You get one bonus while you start receiving payments and the other you earn through the retirement saving phase. There are no annual fees on the fixed indexed annuities and you can choose from the seven annuity choices.

American National – If you are searching for a long-term annuity, then you should go with American National. You can get notable returns with the multi-year guaranteed annuity. The return amount is quite huge and is worth the wait. The minimum premium is as low as $5,000 and you can withdrawal after 10 years without any penalty. You even get a death benefit that is penalty-free.

Athene Agility Annuity – This is an all-rounder annuity that comes with good return rates. Their crediting strategies are incredible and the investor benefits the most. It offers all the riders free of cost. The cap rates are good enough for everyone. Athene Agility Annuity has both death and income benefit rider that you can avail yourself of without paying anything extra.

Indeed, it is not possible to know the rates of fixed indexed annuities; however, you can always know the potential of a specific annuity. This will help you to earn good returns. Before you invest make sure you know the cap rates, spread, and participation rates.

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