Blue light glasses: Useful or just a marketing fraud?

The hype of blue light blocking glasses has hit the eyewear market a long time ago. However, with the ongoing pandemic and lockdown, our screen time has seen substantial growth. Many eyewear brands are emphasising the significance of wearing blue light glasses to cut down catastrophic screen time effects on our eyes.

Blue blocking lenses are all the rage in eyewear these days. Companies are cashing in on every chance to promote these glasses and many people have already invested in these glasses. If you are also an avid internet user, the thought of buying blue blockers must have crossed your mind at least once, hasn’t it?

In this article, we will reveal what exactly these glasses do and if they are worth buying.

What is blue light?

Blue light is one of the many lights present in the sunlight. With its short waves, this light scatters more easily than any other type of light. Blue light is crucial for our cognitive functions and a proper sleep/wake cycle. However, it’s not all that good when it comes from man-made sources.

Blue light is everywhere! From your smartphone to your computer or laptop screen. Even the LED lights and television at your home emit this light. It’s hard to escape it when our eyes are constantly bombarded with this light.

Blue light reaches the back of your eyes and destroys the delicate light-sensing retinal cells. Thus, prolonged exposure to blue light can hamper your vision and elevates your risk of macular degeneration.

Also, when your eyes absorb blue light at night, it stops the melatonin production (a sleep-inducing hormone) in your body and you don’t feel sleepy. This is why you can’t seem to get enough sleep after spending long hours on digital devices after dark.

The increased screen time during the lockdown has made people more scared of blue light. Eyewear companies are selling online glasses with special lens coatings claiming that they can curb the negative effects of digital consumption. But, how true is that? Let’s find out!

What are blue light glasses?

These glasses have blue cut lenses that block the blue waves and only let in the good light. The advance filters on these glasses are used specifically for digital work. These glasses either come in a light tint or clear lenses depending on if you have a prescription.

While it’s true that blue light glasses protect your eyes against screen time, you just can’t go for any pair and expect it to block blue light. The best blue blockers are the ones that filter out this light by 99.99 or 100%. So, when you are shopping for this particular eyewear, make sure you read the specifications and the customers reviews to make a better and informed decision.

Marketing take on blue light glasses

The enthusiasm for blue blockers among people has taken off and the eyewear companies are making every possible move to make the most out of it. The home pages of some online eyewear companies can be seen filled with blue light blocking glasses while some has put special offers on glasses to encourage more and more people to buy them.

You can find thousands of articles on the web stating the importance of blue light blocking glasses in protecting our eye health. The companies are advocating that wearing these glasses will:

  • Help you sleep better
  • Prevent the risk of macular degeneration and other serious eye conditions
  • Protect your eyes from strain or fatigue
  • Reduce digital eye strain

It’s true that a good pair of blue light glasses will do all of the above-mentioned things. But, if you buy low-quality glasses, they won’t do any good to your eyes. It’s wise to search through different online options and make an informed decision.

Just compare the prices of different eyewear companies and buy the best one that fits in your budget. Even if you are going for cheap glasses online, never compromise with the quality.

If you wear these glasses, you are protected from blue light. However, there are also a few lifestyle changes that will bring the same results as this protective eyewear. Be mindful of your screen time and take regular breaks to lessen the effect of blue light on your eyes.

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