Buying a car? Then, read the insurance aspect beforehand!

When you were searching for your first car, remember how enthusiastic you were? You invested a lot of time and effort into talking to friends, reading reviews on the internet, and test drive your top choices. But do you recall what kind of cheapcar insurance you had with it? Almost certainly not. However, it deserves more attention than that.

Many auto dealers say they include the bestcar insurance with the purchase of the car, and we often accept it without examining who the insurance provider is or what coverage it provides. Car insurance is more than a legal obligation, it’s a financial commitment that aids in the protection of your prized new car.

Choose wisely. Think ahead and devote extra time to selecting your car insurance, just as you would for the car itself.

  1. Before you make a decision, be aware of your possibilities. Car insurance is divided into two categories, compulsory coverage and optional coverage. Compulsory third party car insurance is mandatory for every registered car, whereas optional coverage ranges from comprehensive through to third party property damage only and third party damage plus fire and theft coverage. That’s why purchasing insurance beyond CTP for your prized car is a wise decision. Comprehensive car insurance coverage, for example, is a plan that includes both third-party liability cover and own-damage cover as well as cover for theft, fire and weather events.
  2. You know what you need and how much coverage you want. There are a variety of insurance plans available on the market that appeal to various sorts of people. Nobody, not even your car salesman, would understand your wants and situation better than you. If you’re going to park your car in the open, for example, your insurance should cover weather events as well. You should also seek a policy that covers theft and break-ins. Having said that, even if you park in a locked garage you are still at risk from these issues – just as you are when out and about.
  3. When you’ve driven a lot of cars, you should still look at a few different insurance options before deciding on the best one. Check for exclusions as well as inclusions and know that the insurance market changes all the time, as do your personal circumstances. Fortunately, several comparison sites allow you to compare insurance companies smoothly. Your goal should be to see which plan provides the most advantages to you at the best price.
  4. You may not have enough coverage for your car with just the standard car insurance plan, so see what kind of add-on coverage is available. Add-ons, like roadside assistance, contents insurance and windscreen repair, give additional coverage and can be added to your policy.

In short, do your research, read the fine print and always pick the fullest car insurance for your budget. Ensure you will be well protected when your car is both on and off the road.

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