Everything You Need To Know For Your First Camp

Vacation, summer, heat, beach. Great time to spend the night at a campsite – even because it’s much cheaper than paying for a hostel or an Airbnb. And there is no shortage of places to camp. But it’s no use just wanting to go to a camp; you need to know how it works. With this in mind, we bring tips for those who know more about what it’s like to sleep in tents or visit website to learn more.


For those who are going to camp for the first time with windproof canopy, opt for a campsite with a basic structure (bathrooms, showers, kitchen) that is not in a completely isolated place – if you have forgotten something important, it will not be challenging to go after this item. Thus, you can guarantee the solution to most of the eventual problems that can arise in camps. Once you’re experienced, set off on adventures like camping on a deserted beach.


If the campsite doesn’t offer kitchen space, buy a two-burner stove (around R$250). They’re great value for money, but they’re only worth it if you go camping often. Remember that you must bring pans, making a long trail quite tiring.  


It is necessary to be aware that the tent is the most significant moment of comfort that you will have in your camping. The rest is to enjoy, go hiking, and put your foot in the mud. So, choose a tent that provides as much quality of life as possible. What does that mean? Cheaper models may not be truly waterproof. The higher the investment, the greater the protection inside the campsite against rain, insects, etc. 

Confused about the size? Tents for one person usually hold up to two, but without luxury. In other words, did you meet someone nice at the campsite and want to invite them to spend the night with you? It’s possible, but doing it every night will be uncomfortable. The two-person tent can accommodate three, but again no fanfare. 

To learn how to set up a tent camping, test it before leaving home. They come with an instruction manual; follow it strictly. Still, having trouble? Don’t be embarrassed; it’s normal. Look for someone next to you who looks experienced and ask for help. Experienced campers will be happy to help newbies.


Where to set up the tent at the campsite? This is a question that haunts every traveler who goes camping. Look for a flat, even spot with no branches and roots in the ground. Try to find the shade of a tree to protect yourself from the sun, although it is the most popular place. Make sure it’s not a fruit tree, so you don’t risk a jackfruit waking you up first thing in the morning.

Give the trunks a shake: if they are rotten, there is also a risk of them falling on your head. Be aware of the possibility of the chosen location flooding in case of rain. And finally, ask the owner or person in charge of the campsite for the best place. The person knows the terrain like no one else.

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