Fresh and Refrigerated Hair Care Products Are In-Demand!  

These days everyone wants to be fresh, clean and try their best to stay all natural. So, it is no wonder that products that promote this and actually follow these rules are so in-demand and are seeing a huge increase in sales since the start of 2021.

Behind one these recent successful brands is Chiara Lewis, the founder / CEO of Chy Hair Grow that is changing the hair product industry! Her company is “Home of Fresh and Refrigerated Hair Care” products that have taken off across the United States as she takes a holistic approach to making people feel good about what they put in their hair. Her products are infused with herbs, food derived, and all natural ingredients, and they carry herbal infused growth oils, avocado conditioner, coconut milk leave in conditioner, flax seed and shea butter moisturizer, African black soap cleanser, and for the men they also have a hair growth/beard grow herbal infused oil!

  • Why have you been able to be so successful in the marketplace / industry you are currently in?

Chy Hair Grow is very unique. The fact that we are one of the first Fresh And Refrigerated Hair Care Lines definitely sets us apart from the rest. Our consumers love the fact that our products are “Truly Organic”! Our unique approach along with our marketing strategies have played a huge part in our success!

  • What trends in your space – haircare – do you see happening in the near future?

Because of the new demand of clean products from consumers I see the hair care industry moving more toward organic/clean products in the future. A lot of companies have already started making small changes to their brands to keep up with the demand.

  • What has been your biggest hurdle since starting your company?

Growing pains! I started this business in my kitchen and within months we had thousands of customers! I was fulfilling orders, being customer service rep, doing all the marketing, making all the products by myself, and being a full time mom IN THE MIDDLE OF A PANDEMIC. I had to quickly adjust. I moved the business into a warehouse. Hired and trained quickly. Hired a marketing team, and much more. Normally these things should be planned out and it takes months to achieve. I had to do all of this within days! That was definitely one of my biggest hurdles!

  • What advice would you give others in the business world right now?

I would tell other new business owners to focus on “their” business. Its so easy to compare your business to others and wish you were further along, but the more you’re focusing on others the more time you are taking away from perfecting your own. I made this mistake with my last business. Needless to say “It Failed”!

Secondly, social media marketing is crucial to your business’ success!

  • How important is a good “team”?

A good team is one of the top 3 necessities to maintain a successful business. Finding a good solid team is extremely hard, but once you have one you will be unstoppable!

  • Besides your own industry, what other industries would you invest into if you could / already do?

Streaming platforms! Such as Netflix, Hulu, ICTV, etc. ICTV is a new upcoming black woman owned streaming network that I know is going to be extremely successful. The buzz and celebrity backing is very strong. They will be the next Netflix in the coming years. I am looking forward to investing with them soon!


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