How to find the best moving and storage companies in Toronto


By the time you are reading this article, there are hundreds of moving and storage companies in Toronto. You might find one two blocks away from where you live, judging by how many and how widely spread they are. Moving is an important day in people’s lives. However, unlike your graduation day or your wedding day, you have several moving days in a lifetime. It still doesn’t happen often enough for you to treat it with neglect. After all, you want this day to be zero-stress, if not really special. Because of this, you might find yourself looking for the best moving and storage companies in Toronto. But do you know what to look for while in the search for the big winner? We put together some ideas in this article, hoping they will help shed some light on this. Stick with us until the end of this article!

Know your specific needs

Okay, so you want to find the best moving and storage companies in Toronto. But what exactly do you want? It could be that you need an all-in-one service that includes packing, moving, and storage. On top of that, you might be running late with the scheduling part, and you could be looking for last minute movers in Toronto. Maybe you want your movers to use cranes and take the furniture outside the window, because you have a narrow staircase. There are a loooot of variables that could turn your seemingly standard move into a more complex and complicated one.  But there is nothing to worry about, really. There is always a solution to be found and there is always a professional moving company at the end of the line. Just make sure to find it. Maybe you are just opening a browser and typing ”movers near me Toronto”. Which could just as well work, but it doesn’t always lead you to the best – or to any relevant – results. There are some more steps you need to go through, and we are here to tell you all about them, in the following paragraphs.

Customers who leave reviews are your friends

Imagine asking a friend to recommend you a good moving and storage company in Toronto. And they do, and they also tell you a little something about what to expect from that company. Then another friend pops in and they share their own experience, giving you advice and recommendations. This is basically what reviews do and how they work like, except you don’t know those people and they are not one or two, but hundreds. They also leave ratings that help rank moving and storage companies in Toronto. On platforms such as Yelp, Google, HomeStars, and others, customers left their written opinions on the moving services in Toronto they paid for. Our advice is you check the ratings at first, and make sure to give yourself some time to read the reviews, as well. They are extremely useful and they cover for a few hundreds of friends. And yes, since they help you so much, you can call those people your friends. Don’t forget to join the group of friends once your move is completed! It takes only a couple of minutes to write a review that will be useful to the next customer who looks for the best moving and storage companies in Toronto.

Check out theawards

We say this as a generalization and we give you our word it is valid: all reputable moving and storage companies in Toronto have won awards. Relevant, significant, consistent awards. And, of course, since they take pride in those awards, you will find them listed on their website. Find them and see what they are all about. If your movers keep winning relevant awards year after year, this is a good sign. And “relevant” is the keyword here. It is important that the awards are given by an organization or institution that is important in this field of activity. Whether we talk about Homestars, Yelp, Canada Association of Movers, or Consumer Choice, these are important awards to look for. Each award comes as a new validation of the professionalism and worth of the moving and storage companies in Toronto. Use that information in your favour and see what you can draw from there!

Finding good movers in Toronto is not always easy. And finding the best movers and packers in Toronto is even more difficult… but not impossible. We hope this article was helpful and we hope our guidelines and recommendations brought you a few new ideas. If you realize those amazing movers you were looking for are right here, at Let’s Get Moving, give us a call let us offer you more information! We would love to meet you.



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