How to Keep Your Laundromat Safe Against COVID-19

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic that’s affected millions, everyone’s daily life has dramatically changed. Even the most mundane tasks like washing clothes in a laundromat have become scary to many people!

Fortunately, having laundry done in the laundromat is completely safe, provided that businesses maintain clean facilities and implement certain rules. As a laundry business owner, it’s imperative to follow regulations the government sets to prevent spreading the virus.

To keep your laundromat safe against COVID-19 for you and your customers’ sakes, follow these tips:

  1. Implement social distancing and face masks

Face masks and social distancing are some of the most important rules we follow to prevent the spreading of the COVID-19 virus. Be strict with these rules and make sure that everyone, including you and your staff, is 6 feet away from each other and that all face masks are worn properly.

Keep the number of people in the facility to a minimum. You can check with the local government’s rules and regulations on how many people can be in the laundry facility, depending on the area’s size. Discourage people from staying in the facility for too long so they can make way for new customers.

  1. Clean your facilities regularly

You shouldn’t only focus on cleaning laundry equipment, but the entire facility as well. Have your staff clean the floors, tables, and seats properly, disinfecting them with the appropriate cleaning products. They must also focus on high-traffic areas and objects like door handles and pens.

  1. Encourage hand washing and wearing gloves

This is something your employees must do regularly throughout their shift! When they handle laundry equipment, clean the facility, or use the restroom, make sure that they wash their hands thoroughly. Better yet, they should use disposable gloves.

We recommend posting physical signages around the facility on how to handle laundry equipment and encourage social distancing, proper handwashing, and wearing of masks.

  1. Disinfect your laundry equipment

Encourage customers to disinfect the outer and inner surfaces of the laundry machines they will use with a disinfectant wipe or spray. Provide disinfectants for the equipment and alcohol for them to use as needed. You must also train your employees to clean and disinfect the laundry equipment thoroughly.

You can also use this chance to inspect your equipment dexter laundry parts to make sure that it’s properly cleaned and functioning properly.

If ever one of your laundry machines is malfunctioning, it’s best to have it repaired or replace any commercial laundry parts. Suppliers like Laundry Replacement Parts can help you out with this.

  1. Have your staff vaccinated

Make sure you and your staff are vaccinated to continue operations efficiently. Not only does this protect them from the virus, but it will also encourage people to choose your business, knowing that you and your employees take COVID-19 seriously.

Wrapping It Up

The COVID-19 pandemic shouldn’t stop laundry businesses from operating! With proper safety regulations, you can keep everyone safe from the virus.

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