How To Pack Your Products To Be Shipped While Also Packing Your Customers?

When you click on “Buy,” your order goes through quite an adventure before arriving at your doorstep. Your package can be tossed around during processing, fall to the ground, or be sandwiched between two boxes. In addition to protecting your products, your packaging influences how your customers perceive your brand. What does it say about your business, whether it’s luxurious or eco-responsible?

But it’s good news for small businesses like yours because it’s easier for you to test your packaging and avoid setbacks like:

Unnecessary packaging, especially if it is plastic. Look at Puma’s “eco bag” replacing the old shoe box. It is recyclable, reusable, and saves 8,500 tons of paper annually!

Packaging that is difficult to open. Consider including perforated edges on the cartons and opening instructions on the outside. Avoid adding too much tape or plastic wrap.

Packaging that damages the product when opened. No one wants to relive the sad experience of the iPhone 6. 

Check out the examples (not to follow) of Pointless Packaging on Instagram. 

Attract Customers As Soon As They Open

Your package has finally arrived! You tear off the tape or shipping Stretch Wrap, open the box, and see an invoice and a returns form.

Even though the paperwork is usually the last thing you add to the package, it would be much nicer for the customer to see their new purchase first. First, slip invoices, user manuals, and other papers into your packaging (except for small thank you messages), then place your products on top. Customers who can see a product and hold it in their hands are less likely to return it. As a seller, your customer should focus on the product rather than its price or the possibility of returning it.

Your Packaging Protects Not Only

Good packaging with Brandt Box for example protects your products. Exceptional packaging helps you win and retain customers. Of course, you need to ensure that your packaging fulfills its primary function: to protect your products during shipping, but also consider all of its other functions, including its potential as a marketing tool. 

Your packaging choices will play a key role in determining your shipping costs in your online store. Delivery will be the easiest option if a package can fit through the mailbox. For example, some cake shops pack their cakes in a handy box that fits neatly through the letterbox slot. Thanks to this economical trick, the customer does not need to be at home during the delivery.

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