How to Update Your Local Business Listings When Moving

Local Business Listings When Moving

If you’re planning to move offices, then there are several considerations you need to be aware about. The first is making sure that all of your information is current with your local, state, and federal governments. The second is what moving will do to your web presence.

Even though you might not be changing your website at all, and even though it seems like all you need to do is update your contact info on your website, there’s a bit more than goes into it. There are bits and pieces of info on the Internet that still point to your old address. In this article, you’ll learn how to update the most important ones and what you can do to prevent your move from affecting your SEO.
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How To Update Google My Business Listing

Google My Business is the most important online listing to update, as it’s the basis for most of what Google uses to determine your actual current address and contact info. So what should you do about Google My Business?

Make sure your website information is up to date.

Your business address, phone number, and email should be updated on your website before you move onto changing your business listings. Check your Contact Us page, your blog posts, your header, your footer, and any other page where the old information might be.

To make sure you’ve done this correctly, use Google’s Rich Snippets Testing Tool to make sure that all the info is updated.

How To Update Your Business Address On Google Maps

Step 1: Log into Google My Business

Step 2: Check your new address for any existing GMB listings

Step 3: Go to any listings that use your new address and mark them closed

Step 4: Go to your own Google My Business account and change your address

What Else Should You Do If You Are Moving A Business To A New Location?

Update local business listings.

Local business listings can include Yelp, Angie’s List, your local chamber of commerce or board of trade, and any other niche directory sites you might have an account with. To update those, log onto your online account and go into your profile’s settings. You’ll then be shown where you can update your information to make it current. There may be a verification process that you have to go through.
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For local Chambers of Commerce of Boards of Trade, make sure to give them a call and let them know your business address has changed. They will then make sure to update your address in the print directory and the Web directory.

Check to make sure duplicate listings don’t exist.

You may have another listing for your old address on Google My Business or some other site. If you simply changed your address on your GMB profile then you shouldn’t be worried about it, but check anyway. There might be an old business profile that was never closed.

Check Google Maps driving directions.

If you have people coming to your office, driving directions are crucial to make sure they’re able to reach you. Google doesn’t update driving directions unless your address shows up as the new one on both Maps and GMB. If your GMB profile shows the correct address, and there are no existing profiles that point to the old address, then this shouldn’t be a problem. Check anyway!

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