Is Atari Moving into the Blockchain?

It was just a few years ago when Atari was so close to liquidating the company – however, as the tides have changed and Atari survived the cut, the company is now looking back towards growth. One of its new strategies is its roadmap to becoming part of the blockchain by releasing its own Atari tokens that will be used for online casino play.

Although just a shell of its former self, Atari are coming back as a business once again showing growth. The company managed to save itself by creating online casino games, which had they not, the once famous Atari brand name would have been a name of the past. Thanks to the blockchain, the Atari bigwigs have seen an opening to bring the name back into the public limelight.

The future of the blockchain is still unclear or rather not as clear-cut as many would have us believe. Nonetheless, one thing is for certain, if the blockchain revolutionizes the world as did the internet and World Wide Web, then those that got in early will be pioneering brand names on the blockchain.

Atari has seen this and is now working on their vision to become an integral part of what could spark a new age revolution as big as the industrial revolution and the current technological revolution brought to us by the internet today in this era.

To begin with, Atari is said to release their Atari token cryptocurrency onto the blockchain. The company is then poised to release its Pong token, which will be used for online casino gaming. The exact plan is still not clear, but since Atari made the announcement, their stocks jumped a staggering 60%.

“2018 will see Atari strengthen the online casino sector of its business”

This 2018 Atari in conjunction with Pariplay, Ltd, Atari will be releasing its new online casino platform jam-packed with Atari games. The online casinos at present are already set to accept fiat currency for players to top up their bankrolls. On top of this, Atari plans to introduce the Pong crypto coin.

With the new casinos already set to release, the idea is for Atari to build in support for the Pong coin turning their casinos into crypto casinos. There is a lot of potential for the Pong coin. It may even spread beyond the Atari casino software platform if the company is able to strategize around those competing for a share of the online casino blockchain market share.

Atari will also face stiff competition from the likes of Zero Coin, a company very close to finalising its line of cryptocurrency casinos using its Zerocoin cryptocurrency. Plus, there already numerous online casinos that accept cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. On top of this, with Bitcoin you can earn free BTC which also makes it popular.

“Currently there is an up and coming trend for casino cryptocurrencies Atari will need to pay attention too in order to be successful in this business area”

The growing list of cryptocurrencies that are focusing on what is a multi-billion-dollar online casino industry will give Atari’s new cryptocurrency casino platform a run for its money.

Online casino cryptocurrencies:

  • Dragon Coin (DRGN)
  • Funfair (FUN)
  • The Zero Coin (TZC)
  • Edgeless (EDG)
  • CasinoCoin (CSC)
  • Litecoin (LTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Bitcoin (BTC) Casinos

In light of the fact that there is already a huge number of online casinos investing into converting their casino platforms to accept cryptocurrencies, that still does not mean Atari cannot be successful.

We have seen plenty of new casino gaming developers and new casino platform providers (including Atari) break into the online casino market. This is a marketplace that is predicted to be worth more than $45 billion a year. As we have seen within the fiat currency online casino scene, there is always plenty of room for new operators, brands, and developers to get involved.

With the Atari brand name already well-known, and certainly better known than the likes of FunFair, Edgeless, and Zero Edge, there is every chance the company will turn their blockchain venture into the online casino scene a driving force in blockchain casino technology. Its deal with PairPlay Ltd should already reflect this, plus the fact that Atari managed to save the entire business thanks to its brave and bold entrance into the online casino gaming development industry.

“Confidence is high within the Atari camp and also with shareholders. The stock markets also seem to hold a high opinion of the business as its 60% rise in stock value would suggest”

Some have already begun to slate Atari’s announcement as a bluff. This is mainly because many have been waiting for the said release of the new Atari box that was said to have been launched in 2018. So far nothing seems to have come of this project leaving many confused. Now yet another announcement claiming that Atari will be aiming to associate the Atari brand name with the blockchain could just be fluff according to some sources.

Although rumors of the Atari box seem to have gone a little on the quiet side on the newswires, Atari did stay true to their word when the business said it would be developing its online casino platform and gaming software. All that can be said for now is that the word is out there, and it is now down to keeping our ears to gerund for further news on the possible development of the Atari PONG token.

In the meantime, the anonymous and some not so anonymous whales that are currently snapping up all the crypto whenever a new ICO event is offered will be on their toes. There is no doubt the brand name Atari has made resounding thump on their crypto investment radars – even more so when the multi-million-dollar casino industry plus the name Atari are combined!

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