Jack Murphy: Taking Markets To New Heights At Only 23

Jack Murphy may only be 23-years-old, but the self-made multimillionaire is an entrepreneur and digital marketing expert that has been able to scale his own company to over $25 million in less than three years.

By learning to leverage the marketplace, click funnels and using subscription newsletters to his advantage, Jack has helped inspire a new generation of young entrepreneurs.

  1. Why have you been able to be so successful in the marketplace / industry you are currently in?

We’re always trying to play ten steps ahead and assess the potential risk or rewards associated with everything we do. You can never be too comfortable in the political digital world as things are literally changing hourly between the news cycle and the rules in the different social media advertising platforms. Another big advantage is obviously the passion for the vertical we operate within. We also spend a lot more time focused on providing value to our customers than we focus on coming up with different sales and promotions. Holistically, we’ve done everything we can to educate our customers on our beliefs and provide them with an incredible  experience at a great price.

  1. What trends in your space do you see happening in the near future?

I think we’re going seeing two key things being necessary for continued growth online. The first is the reduction of friction. With more people shopping online than ever before, creating a seamless user experience and reducing friction from all angles is necessary. The second is the humanization of brands. People love to buy from other people that they know, they trust, and they love.

  1. What has been your biggest hurdle since starting your company I Love My Freedom?

Our biggest hurdle has definitely been the operational challenges we’ve faced. In our niche, when things hit, they hit and you have to be able to react and adapt quickly while still serving your customers. That’s something we’ve struggled with during the peaks and valleys of the last few years where we’ll have insane periods of time that we never could’ve predicted would come but we’ve finally built a rock solid operations team and leadership team that’s able to work quickly and adapt to a quick increase of volume.

  1. What advice would you give others in the business world right now?

Never get complacent. With how rapidly evolving the digital world is, you can never be too comfortable with your tactics and never be dependent on one revenue stream. Owned assets and owned data are far more important than ever before and if you can nurture your customers correctly, those owned assets become even more powerful.

  1. How important is a good “team”?

A good team is crucial afoot scale. Without a good team, you run into endless challenges and unexpected turbulence. Our biggest windows of growth always happen when our team is running on all cylinders and we’re able to pivot or scale swiftly. It doesn’t matter who you are, everyone gets the same 24 hours in a day so cloning your vision into others who can do it better than you is the most important thing at scale.

  1. Besides your own industry, what other industries would you invest into if you could / already do?

I enjoy investing in cryptocurrencies but it’s more of a fun hobby and dopamine rush than anything. Other industries that fascinate me are real-estate and anything related to e-commerce.


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