Jackpot Candles Hits The Jackpot Within The Candle Marketplace

The global scented candles market size was estimated at USD $336.7 million in 2019, 364.9 million in 2020, and is beyond that number already in 2021.

With a marketplace that has many companies trying to break through, Jackpot Candles is one of the brands that certainly has hit the ‘jackpot’ and made a name for themselves, due in part to a fun idea of gifting people more than just a candle.

The concept: Each candle has a special diamond ring/gift at the end to keep forever; The price of that gift can be chosen upon checkout on Jackpot’s website. What’s more, is that all the candles are Vegan, cruelty-free and are hand-poured with 100% natural soy, which is something consumers in the candle market have been aware of and increasingly purchased over the past years.

Behind the Jackpot company that has disrupted and made a market in the candle industry is Chris Prawdzik. We spoke to him for some insight into how his company is changing the game and new trends he sees within the emerging market.

  1. What new trends in the candle industry have you been seeing these days?

Candles are always a popular gift item and great for decor. Our goal is to make candles that smell great, look good and burn clean. 

One of the trends that we have seen is people looking for all natural candles without the threat of allergies or pollutants, so we formulated our own candle recipe using a special blend of soy wax, coconut wax, and essential oils. Even our wicks are made from safe, sustainable, and renewable resources – they come in both organic cotton and wood wick varieties. 

  1. How have you been able to have Jackpot Candles standout in such a busy marketplace?

We wanted to provide a fun experience where customers not only get high quality candles and bath bombs, but also a super fun surprise – jewelry valued anywhere from $15 – $5,000.

We actually employ a master jeweler and gemologist that creates our beautiful high-value rings by hand. Our current $5000 surprise is a 14k white gold ring with a London blue topaz, surrounded by diamonds in a halo setting. It is a stunning, one-of-a-kind creation… We know one lucky customer is going to love it as much as we do.

Our customers enjoy our products while they are using them, but we also give them something to look forward to. Nobody likes when their favorite candle burns out… But it’s not so bad when there’s an amazing surprise at the end, just waiting to be unwrapped. We encourage everyone to be patient, but lots of our customers dive right in and dig out the ring/necklace as soon as they see the foil-wrapped ring pop out.

Our goal is to give our customers an experience they won’t forget. Since the ring is a keepsake, they’ll enjoy the surprise jewelry for years to come… Which means Jackpot Candles products also make fun and original gifts.

  1. Why should everyone own a candle?

Candles are great for the end of the day sigh of relief, lighting a candle not only will make your room or house smell amazing but smell is one of the most important senses that we have: they inspire moods, remind you of good times, and even create memories and with a beautiful ring inside like ours these are memories that will last forever.

  1. What advice would you give to other entrepreneurs out there? 

If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.

The world of marketing is always changing. The landscape for running a successful business is completely different now than it was even six months ago. I’ve found that you can’t wait for success to fall into your lap, you need to take initiative and be the first person to innovate.

  1. What other industries would you invest into right now?

All natural Personal care products – just like with candles, people are looking for all natural products in personal care as well. It is a great trend to ride and an opportunity to give back to society as well. 

Virtual reality – More and more people today use virtual reality for fun. But VR can also offer amazing opportunities for marketing. VR marketing allows companies to bridge the gap between experience and action. You can use VR to offer a digital experience in place of a physical one, which can promote products and services. 


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