Security Threats that Should not be Overlooked – How to Tackle Them? 

Hackers have been, are, and will always be a threat to global cybersecurity. There have been many cases where even the best firms with abundant services at their disposal were not able to keep hackers away. Google and Facebook too have suffered data security breaches in the past. What does it indicate? Well, to keep it to the point, it indicates that every device that is patched with the internet can be hacked, including surveillance cameras. 

Wondering why CCTV cameras would be hacked? To that question we will say, why not? If hackers can breach a surveillance camera, they get to know everything about an organization and an individual. 

  • They get to know your location by tracing the IP address. 
  • They get to monitor your movements. 
  • They can use your walk out habits for burglary. 
  • They can monitor the security arrangements of a company. 

Hoping that now you know why securing IP surveillance cameras is important, we would like to take you through certain ways in which you can hamper this and many other security concerns. Have a look! 

  1. Use an NVR

NVR, also known as Network Video Recorder, with advanced security features is a wonderful protection device to secure IP cameras. It can help in the following ways. 

  • It can manage the security settings of the surveillance cameras that are connected to it. 
  • It offers speedy access to the recorded video. And speed is most essential if under a hacking attack. 
  • It’s one of the best devices that can give you the option to watch all the feed live.
  1. Secure the Router 

A router is what connects devices to the internet. No matter if your camera has the most advanced settings, if the router is unprotected, it will be a step easier for hackers to access the camera. What’s worse is if you do not use, or do not know how to use, the security settings in the camera. The mediums that are not secured are the ones that are hacked the most. So, make sure you protect the router as best as you can. 

  1. Miscellaneous Security Tips
  • Install the updates that are released by software developers. 
  • Give access to limited users. If your work requires you to give access to multiple people, then use advanced settings to create different isolated sections. In this way the users will be able to access only the info that’s relevant to them, not the entire feed. 

As long as you’re an aware individual who knows how actively hackers look for vulnerable devices, you have a good chance that you’ll be able to safeguard your data from falling in the wrong hands. 

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