Shopify Review For UK Web Developers Looking For Pros & Cons

Finding the right store builder is becoming more and more difficult with so many more platforms making their name on the Internet. Before jumping on the first platform you see, it is important to really take note of all the functions and see whether or not it is the right store builder for your business.

One of the most popular options for online store building is Shopify.

Working with Shopify

When looking at shopify reviews uk on your go to search engine you will undoubtedly see list after list of comparisons for various store builders, so what are the pros of working with Shopify to get your business off the ground?

The first perk of Shopify is that there is no need to pay into a host to get the sire online. Shopify is known as self hosted, so there’s no requirement to install further software in order to make it work on your chosen device. So essentially, as long as you have connection to the Internet you will be able to manage and monitor the store wherever you go.

Money comes into play quite early here, as none of the packages are free to use. A monthly payment plan comes in to play with five different packages available. Elements such as blogs, email marketing and templates also come ‘out of the box’.

Cheaper way of selling

The Lite package is the cheapest on offer from Shopify but it has to be made clear that this package does not allow the user to build a fully functional site to sell the products on. Instead it allows users to sell products on their Facebook page and a ‘Buy’ button is provided for inclusion on other sites like a blog for instance.

Going up the ranks to the more expensive plans available, there suddenly becomes a lot more options including the use of templates, uploading catalogues of products and getting staff member involved in the process too.

Transactions with debit or credit cards also become available, making it a better experience for potential customers. Although of course it does bear a higher monthly cost for the owner.

Going up to the Shopify Plus, the facilities are expectedly bigger and better than cheaper plans with better security throughout the site, multiple currencies to choose from, sales tools and boundless support throughout the year.

Getting the look

Compared to other store builders, Shopify has a very limited selection in themes for use with online stores, of which are basic and showcase a minimalist approach.

All the themes are responsive, so they adapt the look depending on the type of device being used at the time, which is a great bonus for those who know nothing about coding and HTML.

There are some more fanciful themes which can be integrated but these come at a cost and for a small business may not be worth it. You can however get a free 14-day trial.

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