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We are a law firm based in Nelson that prides itself on being innovative, Reece Clayton Solicitors provide clients with legal representation that is both highly effective and individualised. Over the course of the last years, we have made it a point to pay close attention to the requirements of our customers, and as a direct result of this, we have broadened the scope of our legal services and actively searched out new prospects for the company, its employees, and its customers. Our goal is to always have a tight connection with each of our customers, one that is advantageous to both parties.

The general public can count on Reece Clayton Solicitors for legal services that are of a high standard and focused on achieving positive outcomes. We appreciate the significance of the requirements of our clients and are conscious of the fact that their accomplishments directly correlate to our own achievements. In addition to being easily reachable, dependable, and productive, we are most importantly dedicated to serving the needs of our customers.

Our solicitors in Nelson provide representation to clients in a variety of legal fields, such as immigration law, personal injury law, criminal defence law, and motor vehicle law.

Qualified Team

We have a group of people that excel in their academic pursuits and have a solid grasp of the legal system. These individuals also have a wealth of experience working for significant organisations, including FTSE 100 firms. Our attorneys have worked on cases requiring specialised legal services for a long time and have gained a wealth of knowledge in this area. Therefore, you may have peace of mind in the knowledge that our team will handle your case in a professional manner, looking out for your best interests, and with the shared objective of working towards the best possible solution for you on your matter. We hope to be of assistance to you in achieving justice, and we are confident that this may be accomplished by toilsome effort, careful attention to detail, cooperative spirit, and open communication.

Criminal Defence Lawyer

Have you been charged with committing a criminal offence? If you have been arrested, questioned, or requested to attend an interview with the police, or if you believe that any of these things could happen to you, you need the assistance of our criminal defence attorneys. People who have been accused of crimes are defended by our criminal law defence team on a regular basis in the Crown Court, the Magistrates Court, and the High Court. Our solicitors are among the most highly ranked in Nelson.

Motor Vehicle Lawyers

Are you concerned about losing your driving privileges or receiving points on your driving record? If such is the case, we will be able to provide you with advice, and we will also be willing to represent you at any court proceedings.

Personal Injury Lawyer

No matter the severity of the injury, the legal professionals at our company are prepared to assist you in the event that you or a member of your family has been hurt as a consequence of an accident that occurred at work or in a public place. Because we are experts in this area, we will work hard to ensure that the conclusion of your case is favourable to you.

Immigration Lawyer

The process of selecting the appropriate visa and submitting an application that is accepted may be extremely difficult and stressful, since there are a large number of problems and potential roadblocks. Professional immigration assistance may make the difference between a successful and unsuccessful immigration application. Our legal representatives will collaborate with you to gain an understanding of your objectives and provide assistance in submitting a successful application for the appropriate visa.

Immigration law is one of the areas of the law that is subject to the most rapid development. There is a rapid increase in the amount of legislation being enacted, and failure to comply with employment-related rules can result in significant increases in the number of civil fines. A comprehensive understanding of immigration law on the part of a solicitor is essential to guarantee that businesses continue to comply with regulations and that people receive the very best legal counsel possible.


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