Stratis Morfogen discusses how new technologies can help the hotel industry

Stratis Morfogen, the founder of the Brooklyn Dumpling Shop and other creative restaurant concepts, discussed the restaurant’s revolutionary use of technology and the need to shake up the hospitality industry in a recent interview.

Ignore the current order! He has always been a challenge to everyone around him, according to Stratis Morfogen. Because he was raised by an unsatisfied father, he seeks to be dissatisfied with the status quo.

Stratis Morfogen ran a company with only three employees and a noisy AOL modem in 1997. Despite their modest stature, they gave excellent service. Since its debut, customers such as Southwest Airlines, Amazon, and Wells Fargo have complimented the organisation.

Miracles happen when you’re about to give up. Stratis Morfogen had previously been in a similar situation. He understands how tough it is to be hopeful when things are bad, but he has shown that if you persevere, you can win.

He is a “pioneer and innovation in hospitality,” according to Stratis Morfogen. Simply stating that would not suffice. The author of “Be a Disruptor” and co-founder of the Brooklyn Dumpling Shop and other innovative New York City businesses takes great satisfaction in his ability to forecast and efficiently ride out developing market trends.

Because 2020 was a challenging year, the hospitality industry had to make considerable changes. Stratis Morfogen, on the other hand, was able to navigate the pandemic’s new waters and build an industry-standard restaurant because he was already committed to putting the client first. You specifically dined at Brooklyn Dumpling Shop.

The logo of the company from which he provided so much was printed on the bag he used to convey the gifts, making it easy for the recipients to find them. Stratis Morfogen was uninterested in the GoFundMe ideas because he is not the kind to brag about his generosity. To feed roughly 9,000 service staff, he required help from the owners of other restaurants.

Changes in the status quo frequently result in new opportunities

Morfogen was overjoyed at the prospect of continuing to do things the way he had always done them, which was to be imaginative and find new methods to help his clients.

Brooklyn Dumpling House chefs adapted a popular menu item from the well-known Brooklyn Chophouse to make it easier for customers to understand. The Automat at Brooklyn Dumpling House has been updated with new technology, allowing the restaurant to better and more rapidly serve its guests.

Stratis Morfogen spent a significant amount of time and effort researching the Automat’s past in order to learn why it died. He was aware that no technology had been used and that no one had been present at any point during the transaction.

Morfogen has prioritised both innovative technologies and great customer service since its inception.

In 1997, the businessman advised his friends about the importance of having a good web presence. Several of them have now closed or filed bankruptcy, which is sad for him. This time is known as the “TikTok generation,” and it brings with it a new set of digital features that businesses must study and fully incorporate in order to remain competitive in today’s global economy.

Stratis Morfogen has followed this line of thought. He has opened the NFT Lounge in the Brooklyn Chop House. Members of the premium lounge can pay a sliding scale pricing for consumables. This is simply the beginning of his plans to use the metaverse to benefit his business.

The most crucial component of the hotel industry, regardless of how advanced the technology is, is offering exceptional service to visitors. Morfogen is well-known in the surrounding regions for its friendly atmosphere. When he first started doing business online, he made it his purpose to give each and every customer an exceptional experience.

Stratis Morfogen can be found working on testimonials, making necessary changes, and sometimes even answering customer calls on his personal cell phone as late as 3 a.m. For the past 25 years, this problem has remained.

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