The best ways to enhance your job application process

Picking the right candidate for a job opening can be a tough task. Focusing on the potential candidate’s right aptitude and soft skills is one of the prerequisites when selecting a quality hire. The steps in the application process should be designed so that you do ensure that you won’t scare the prospective candidates.

A few of the standard techniques and strategies we would recommend can include

  • Let your instructions be extremely clear

The steps in your instructions in the application process need to be designed so that they are clearly understood by everyone involved. The instructions that are not clear are considered to be the prime reasons why candidates leave the application process midway, and over 90 percent of the candidates find this to be a difficult area that intimidates them.

Take every step to keep your instruction clear. A simple and easy to understand call to action button is quite essential. In the case of an online application, there should be clearly understandable links and other CTA options. Good talent acquisition software such as Greenhouse talent acquisition can prove to be a good choice. 

  • Let the Application process be short and sweet

An application process that takes a long time to complete can be quite annoying. Today’s millennial generation is more focused on online work and would need to have things rather straightforward. Unfortunately, there are cases where the application process itself appears to be never-ending, and this can make the millennial applicants abort the application mid-way.

You can perhaps plan your questions more diligently. Include only those questions that are absolutely necessary. The application form should ideally be fewer than five pages. Avoid the questions that can be asked later in the further screening process. Your application process should not take more than 20 minutes.

  • Let your application process be mobile friendly

Today’s world revolves around Smartphone’s, and ensuring that your application process is mobile-friendly is another right step in a positive direction. But, unfortunately, it has been observed that close to 25 percent of the applicants abandon the application if they cannot complete the application on a mobile device.

Formatting the pages for mobile screens and using optimum optimization for the small screens on a mobile device can further ensure that you will get access to the top talent. You also should make sure that the application process is compatible with a wider range of devices and models.

  • Provide complete information in the job application process

The job application you are planning should ensure that it provides you access to a better job description and other important details. The application process should contain the details such as the job location, responsibilities expected of you, educational qualifications, and a wide range of other details in an exceptional manner.

The information should be expressed in an extremely detailed way. The clarity of the details should be well explained. This will help the applicants in making the right decision in the right spirit. This can help the applicants in preparing themselves as well.

  • The application process should include all details about the perks

Yet another factor that you should focus on would be to mention the salaries and perks appropriately. Your potential applicants look for a job primarily based on the emoluments that they are expected to get. Therefore, mentioning the salaries and perks in clear detail can help you pick the very best talent.

Gone are the days when the employees were expected to prove their capabilities. Things have changed to a considerable extent, and now it is all about candidates who have moved to the driver’s seat. Your application process should invariably be a two-way process. You should provide the applicants with complete information on what they can expect in terms of compensations and benefits. 

  • Provide access to a greater degree of flexibility

The degree of flexibility offered as part of the employment process is yet another important factor that can positively affect your application process. Being more stringent in your application process may be called for. Once again, having known that today’s employment market is candidate-driven, it is quite important to provide enough flexibility to the potential hires.

Those were just a few of the strategies that can be fruitful in improving your application process. In addition, focusing on the candidate experience would help you get access to the very top talent available for you. 


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