Unlocking Your Human Potential Will Help You Reach Greater Success!  

Everyone wants to succeed in life, but not everyone knows how to achieve this or tap into their various skills and human potential. That is where Maya Comerota, a top international speaker, consultant, coach, visionary entrepreneur and intuitive guide comes in. Maya has helped build multibillion dollar initiatives, 7 figure companies and supported over 1.5 million people worldwide to live a life they love living and transform their dreams to reality.

  1. Why have you been able to be so successful as someone who has been able to help others figure out their purpose in life?

I believe that this is my unique gift to share with the world.  Helping people tap into their purpose and turn it into passion and prosperity.   I believe it is because of my background and also the circumstances that shaped me.  Years ago as a corporate executive I had created coaching programs and curriculums that had shaped the lives and success of many brands and over 100,000 people so I had created successful frameworks and methodologies.  After my car accident about 7 years ago something profound shifted in me.  I realized my own mortality and the mortality of all.  There was a new depth to the programs and curriculums that I created that stem from the realization that we are all here for a unique purpose and if we do not discover and fulfill it that we will live life with regret.

  1. What trends in your space – coaching/speaking – do you see happening in the near future?

The self-education industry is booming, I see that there is a trend towards online curriculums and also a trend to move from information to transformation.  I have always been in the transformation space.  Now that there is information overload online, people are seeking greater levels of transformation.  Additionally, events are getting bigger and bigger.  Where in the past you could reach thousands during an event now you can reach millions on online events.  It is possible to reach the masses really easily now with your message and your mission.

  1. What has been your biggest hurdle in your life and since starting your company?

Several years ago I invested my entire life savings into a company that I thought was aligned with my vision for impacting the world.  After a year or so I started to see that our values were not aligned.  When I asked to leave the partnership my business partners threatened to fold the company and keep my life savings.  At that moment I had a choice to make.  Would I let my fear of losing everything drive me or would I take steps to move toward my dream. So even though I was scared I would lose everything.  I created a vision of the woman that I knew I needed to be in order to leave the partnership.  Within 6 months I had started a new company, doing work I absolutely love, & making 5 times what I was meaning as a senior partner in the other company.

  1. What advice would you give others who feel “lost” in life right now?

A couple tips if you feel “lost” . 1. Find people, books, articles, and communities that inspire you.  You become like the people you spend the most time with.   2. FInd a great coach.  Coaches can help you to get to another level of performance and growth,

  1. What is your top priority these days? What are your goals for the future?

My top priority is transforming lives. Showing people that the impossible is not only possible but inevitable from building the dream to healing the body from life-long illness.  My goal in the next ten years is making 1 billion dreams come true.  Supporting people to live lives they love and share their gifts with the world.

  1. What other industries would you invest into right now?

The other industries that I would invest in are Health Tech, Financial Tech and Cryptocurrencies.  With everything going digital in the last couple years there is so much opportunity in these areas.

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