Ways to Market a Private Equity Firm


Marketing a private equity firm is quite different from marketing a publicly-traded company. The only consumers of the product are investors searching for lucrative opportunities with little or no risk. You have to reach out directly to small groups of people with more than enough money for your cost-effective marketing techniques. Ensure you convince them that investing in private equity rather than mutual funds or stocks will bring them higher yields without any risk.

Some of the marketing tips for a private equity firm are listed below.

Increase Company Visibility and Reputation

It is important to enhance your company’s reputation by publishing a website for your firm on the web. Creating a professional-looking and attractive website is not just about appearance. It is also very important to establish credibility quickly but effectively. Firstly, explain that your firm operates professionally and is legally registered, then explain the type of services offered. A website gives your company a great opportunity to connect with potential clients and existing ones. Use it to manage feedback and stay in touch with potential new clients. The website can also keep everyone updated about what is going on in the industry.

Invite Potential Clients to Your Event

According to private equity firms’ experts such as Peter Comisar, you could achieve this by putting out feelers to your industry friends and colleagues or reaching out through social networks for referrals. Alternatively, you could hold an event exclusive to new clients and prospects interested in getting involved with private equity firms. You could even invite a few of your existing clients so that they have a chance to attend. Hosting an event opens the door for more opportunities to grow the firm’s business and start working on more projects.

Get Your Employees to Get Social Online Too

Where possible, try to get your employees and staff members to be active on their profiles. For example, make it mandatory for all of them to use Twitter or LinkedIn at least once a week to keep in touch with important people in the industry or people who are potential prospects. You can even encourage them to download any relevant apps which they might find especially useful. For example, if one of your employees finds a great application on Facebook that helps with project management, make sure you publish about it on the firm’s website. On top of that, do not hesitate to talk about it at seminars or conferences.

Maintain a Solid Social Media Presence

It would help if you also strived to maintain consistency throughout all communication channels made available by your website. This means the company logo and images and content written on your blog. One way to do this is to ensure that all employees are well-versed in writing quality content for websites. A strong online presence is a priority for any business. Posting regularly on social networking sites makes it easy to make new friends.

There are many different ways to market a private equity firm. Some methods are more effective than others. The right strategy will be unique to each company. It is important to choose a system that can be maintained over time while being affordable and visible.

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