Why Bank to Bank Money Transfer App is the Future of International Remittance?

Why International Money Transfers Are Easy Today

Wouldn’t it be great if you could transfer money to India as conveniently as a local transfer through a mobile app? A few reputed Indian banks now offer this facility. Check out this post to know why app-based transfers are set to revolutionize the remittance industry.

Mobile banking has grown significantly in the last few years. Most banks now have their mobile apps, which allow you to make local transfers within minutes.

Apart from nationwide bank-to-bank transfers, there are a few Indian banks that offer app-based transfer facilities to NRIs as well. Indians across the world can now use the money transfer app of such banks to send money to India from several countries like the USA, UK, Singapore, UAE, and more.

The convenience, security, and user-friendliness of such apps are expected to make them the go-to remittance solution in the future. If you’ve never used app-based remittance services, then here are a few reasons why you should give it a try-

  1. 24×7 Instant Transfer Facility

Whether you are at your home, office, or travelling, you are mostly always close to your mobile phone. This is what makes remittance apps so convenient and user-friendly. Whether it is day or night or no matter where you are, you can use money transfer mobile apps to initiate a transfer to India within minutes.

Moreover, some of the banks also offer instant money transfer services. If your beneficiary’s Indian bank is eligible for IMPS (Immediate Payment Service), then you can instantly transfer funds to their account from countries like the USA, UK, and more.

  1. Complete Safety

Banks are known to offer the highest level of security. This is the primary reason why we trust them with our hard-earned money. When you are using a mobile app of a reputed Indian bank to transfer funds to your family and friends in India, you can rest assured that the transfer will be processed with utmost safety.

The mobile apps are protected through multiple security measures, including PIN or biometric login, OTP confirmation, and more to ensure that only you can log in to the app for making a transfer.

  1. Real-Time Transfer Tracking

An international money transfer goes through multiple stages, from the moment you initiate a transfer to when it is finally deposited into the bank account of your beneficiary. You can expect your bank to offer stage wise transaction tracking facility so that you are always fully aware of the transfer status in real-time.

You can inform the same to your beneficiaries and have a clear idea of when to expect the deposit.

  1. Additional Features

Some bank-to-bank money transfer apps also come with a host of additional features to make transactions more convenient. For instance, with the Social Pay feature, you can easily add beneficiaries to your money transfer account through Facebook, Gmail, or WhatsApp.

Quick pay facility for registered beneficiaries, instant notifications, and transfers through voice commands are some other features that you can expect from the remittance app of a top Indian bank.

Experience the New World of International Remittance with Money Transfer Apps

Online remittance was one of the biggest innovations in the remittance industry. App-based international transfers have taken things a significant step further to offer enhanced convenience to the users.

Look for a trusted Indian bank popular for its NRI banking services to start experiencing the future of international remittance today.


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