Why Do You Need Auto Replies to LinkedIn Messages?

Many businesses use LinkedIn for lead generation, sending bulks of messages there. However, not any business use such a feature as Auto-reply. Automated replies are often underrated. Those messages that we use to interact with our customers, partners, and target audience help support the engagement even when unavailable.

Linked Helper helps generate leads on the platform and automate prospecting and messaging clients.

Why do businesses need auto-replies?

If you are working directly with customers, who are the consumers of products and services, we suggested implementing auto-reply messages, as they:

  • help maintain communications;
  • keep customers informed and boost their satisfaction quickly, answering their queries.

Customers appreciate brands and companies who can deliver quick responses.

How else can auto-reply messages benefit you?

The messages can be tracked. You will know for sure when the responder got interested and replied. This data helps analyze which medium generated a response and makes the most use of it.

Auto-replies sometimes perform better than advertising. You can create more personal messages and choose a more specific audience to send these messages to. What is more, all the automated activities are measurable. You’ll be able to evaluate how effective was each of the ads.

You can turn direct messages into a lead generation tool. With automated funnels, you can set up continuous interaction with your potential customers or partners and turn them into leads. From the first contact with a person, they help you develop the relationship through the customer’s journey.

Use auto-replies to gather valuable feedback. First, you turn people into your actual customers; then, you ask them to share their experience after using your product or service with the same messaging tools. Honest feedback is vital for improving your brand. It tells you what is wrong and can be changed, or what is good about your product. Insights that you get from your customers are the most valuable information.

 Auto-replies save money and time

If the mentioned benefits of automated messaging still didn’t prove how great this tool is, imagine the amount of time and resources it can save you. First, it saves on labor costs, no need to hire more employees to send out short messages that the computer can quickly deliver. Second, manual responding consumes time. Automated messaging will let your employees devote their time to more important tasks.

Moreover, you can save your customers’ time. In most cases, brands’ queries on social media are regarding the prices, working hours, and contacts. Auto-replies allow customers to get responses immediately.

The only question left: how to set up automated messages?

It depends on the tool you are using for communication with people. For instance, LinkedIn is a great place to test auto-replies and see how it affects your business.

One of the best features of Linked Helper is auto-replies. It allows setting up automated messages and building automated funnels with a systematic workflow. What we like even more, it detects when the person sends a reply and lets you choose whether to continue communication manually or adjust the automated workflow.

Similar tools can be found for any of your requests. We recommend trying them and seeing what works for your best.

To sum up, we want to add — automated messages are essential in your marketing and business success. Use them to generate more leads, which also helps increase profits. With this simple tool, you will lead better communications with customers and will be able to get more information on what they need and what type of advertising performs the best.

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