Why there is a need for BaaS provider?


Why did you build an app and what is the use of it? What do you want to achieve from it once it’s built? These are the questions that should be answered before the final stage of the app gets complete, as these are the most frequent question to be asked when your app is launched and also for opting and selecting out the right backend as a service provider i.e (BaaS). For cloud services, BaaS is counted as one of the most popular and increasing evolving platforms. As there are many other BaaS providers are available there in the market that provides you different services and has different benefits. Companies and IT tech search for the best BaaS provider to build a successful app. That’s why it is always suggested to get an Effective BaaS Providers.

What is BaaS i.e. Backend as a Service?

So BaaS is basically a system that is made to share content through the cloud, as it permits you to manage and create a database that is centralized and allows the users to share it through the cloud. The apps which are developing nowadays require a backend that is connected to the web. Earlier there were different technologies that were in use to build an app. They were Ruby and PHP but now they are replaced by this new service known as Backend as a service. As there were a few reasons because this Ruby and PHP have to be replaced by BaaS and the reasons were:

First is, that the earlier methods were difficult to scale

Second is, ample time was needed to be invested to locate and utilize resources

Third is, for delivery, an expert set of skills and knowledge was required.

Need for a BaaS provider

You can’t set a level of expectation of the demands, as demand is unexpected. Because of this accordingly, it becomes tough to scale an app that meets all the expectations of the consumer. Even it is tough for Android and iOS to develop a scalable app, because whether you use iOS or Android code, still it is tough to develop a perfect backend app. That’s why a set of specialized skills i.e. BaaS is required for this.


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