Why You Should Choose a Web Development Bootcamp Over College

After a person graduates from high school, they can sometimes feel lost regarding where their future is going to take them. Although they might have talked with their guidance counselor about some of their options, not everyone has a set plan. Perhaps they have been urged to consider going to a university to develop their skills, but is it always worth it?

Aside from the fact that not everyone is interested in higher education, other options may be available that can be more beneficial than a degree. Particularly with a growing field like web development, people do not need to go to college to gain the necessary skills that will land them a job. In fact, a web development course from a program like LearningFuze can teach everything in less than a year!

If you are struggling to weigh your options, the article below can help act as a guideline to help you see why a web bootcamp might be your best choice. While it pleads the case for the course, do not let it discourage you from going to college if you do find it more necessary. Even if you take that path, you could still consider a bootcamp as a way to further expand the skills you have.

Program Length

When it comes to obtaining a college degree, you can expect to devote a lot of time going to class, studying, and working on projects. You might have been relieved to get through 12 years of school already, but the average degree adds another four years of education. Depending on what you want to study, that could be increased by another few years.

If you do not want to commit all of that time to an institution, then a bootcamp like LearningFuze would be favorable. Their course lasts just 14 weeks, enabling you to learn the skills you want and immediately go out searching for a job. Besides, as you will see on job posts, only some employers will ask for you to have a degree. Just be aware that some possibilities might have a preference for those who do have a diploma.

Skip Gen Eds

A common complaint for university students is the fact that they have to take classes that they deem unnecessary. Their first year may have them less focused on skills they care about and more on basic courses they take in high school. General education classes, also known as “gen eds,” are required in order to receive a degree.

These classes are cut from your schedule when taking a web development bootcamp. Your instructors are more concerned with you obtaining the skillset you pay them for. At LearningFuze, the first seven weeks of class will focus on basic coding languages like JavaScript before switching over to more advanced ones like Node.js in the last half to prepare you for a final project.

If you would like to add any additional web-based skills to your resume, then you can also participate in one of LearningFuze’s other added programs. In addition to coding, you can learn more about data science or what it takes to become a UI/UX design specialist.


Another big issue that people find themselves running into when they decide to go to college is the overwhelming price tag of it all. On average, the typical college graduate will find themselves in $33,500 worth of debt. While it is possible to obtain scholarships and grants while taking classes, they are still likely to have a lot of loans to pay off. Even after finding a steady job, it can take years to pay off.

As you might expect from the short course period, web development classes are much more affordable to participate in. For example, LearningFuze offers plenty of room for discounts and grants. Both women and veterans are able to take $500 off of their tuition, and the same is possible for anyone who registers early. The companies that they partner with might also give some of the student’s money towards their degrees. On average, a full-time course in their program comes to $14,000, with $1,000 of that being paid upfront.

Employment Opportunities

After you get your college degree, you are sure to be scouring around for a job. After all, with the money and time that you put into getting your diploma, you are sure to be ready and use it! However, because you spent those years in the classroom, you might not have enough experience with the hands-on part of the work, or your degree be generalized, and the job you are applying for only makes up for one or two courses you took.

Even if you are not accredited, having a certificate in a specialized area like web development stands out to employers. This is because you already have the experience they are looking for, meaning that they will not have to take time to train you. On average, alums of LearningFuze find a job in approximately three months.

What Jobs Can You Get?

Now that you are more aware of what makes taking a coding bootcamp beneficial, you may be wondering where you can take those skills. The answer is actually broad, as many different industries are searching for people to be part of their tech teams. As the world goes digital, more businesses want websites that draw in prospective clients. If they see website skills on a resume, they are bound to want to interview that person.

However, even if you do not want to be a web developer, coding is still a skill that can be practical across the board. For example, interior designers or architects can code programming to help them design 3D models of their upcoming projects, while medical professionals can code software to help keep track of patient information.

LearningFuze Puts You on the Track to Success

If you are ready to take a coding bootcamp, then now is the time to find the program guaranteed to help you. For many, the wisest choice is LearningFuze, California’s innovator in web development courses since 2014. Not only do they make classes clear-cut, but they also help you develop other skills without even realizing it.

As you work on your coding skills, you will be collaborating closely with a small class and an experienced instructor, enhancing your team skills. You will be guided on the best way to market yourself for a job by getting resume assistance and taking mock interviews.

LearningFuze opens up many networking opportunities through their alums and the 300 different companies that they partner with. Students who have taken part in their class have gone on to work not just with start-up companies but also with established names like Apple and Nike.

College is not for everyone, but that does not mean you are unable to land a job in a field that you love. For those who want to step into the world of tech development and website design, a 14-week course through LearningFuze could be your key to success and long-term happiness. To find out more about their program and to enroll, visit While there, see what their alum has to say about their own experience!

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