Does My Packaging Need UV Coating?

UV Coating is the transparent coating that is achieved with a transparent liquid compound, which gets instantly dried under the UV light. Many might think this to be unnecessary, but it has many underlying benefits to it like:

  • The UV Coating process enriches the packaging heavily. Any vibrant colors used for packaging will have a strikingly glossy finish to them. The packaging will be vibrant and the elements will seem to pop out. This is a method that gives the packaging an iconic touch. Plain packaging cannot yield the attractiveness that UV coated packaging can do. A pleasing tactile experience is yielded that helps in increasing the perceived value of your product and you end up impressing your customer even more.
  • The UV Coating is usually used on products that are of premium quality. The packaging is a part of the product and helps build the customer’s confidence in your brand. The finish of the UV coating gives a completely professional turnover to the product. Packaging being an important marketing tool, this coating can be used very wisely on the logo to make it look more prominent.

The Coating Process

Though there are multiple processes available for UV coating, the most commonly used are the high-gloss and matte styles. Both of these are known to deliver a premium look and feel to the packaging. This coating can be applied to the entire packaging and also to some parts of it. This technique is known as the spot UV coating technique. This technique is used only when you need to emphasize on a part of your package and not the entire thing to establish a greater brand impact. This is a style put to use on visually-impressive backgrounds to highlight smaller branding pieces or your product name. To sum up, they accentuate your product.

Does Your Packaging Need the Coating?

You might already have an existing packaging which you can remodel to UV coated ones to uplift its feel. You might also think that its application might be affecting your brand’s perception so you might skip it. But what you need to focus on is how you implement it for the packaging to get sustainable and profitable for your business.

Netpak boîtes pliantes provide UV coating packaging solutions that can take your packaging to places. Nevertheless, the processes used will make it eco-friendly.

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